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like. Ripple Labs lead the pack here, with younger companies like. Financial services, total VC investments:.4m, number of companies: 12, bitGo, Chain and. Despite the abundance of players in the field, VC investment in exchanges has been disproportionately low, with the average funding per company sitting.1m. Korbit and, coinplug offer a wide range of services to customers, often acting as an exchange, wallet and payment processor all at once. These criteria were chosen because a number of companies in our database are enrolled in accelerators like. Its worth noting that this data was compiled before KnCMiner announced its 14m Series A funding round on 4th September. As such, VC investment data serves as a helpful tool to gauge which areas in the ecosystem are being built on the most or in other words, which sectors in bitcoin are the hottest.

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Boost VC and, while important to the industry, are still in beta. Vaurum and TradeBlock also posting multimillion dollar investments from investors. Payment processors Total VC investments:.7m Number of companies: 5 BitPay has raised most of the VC money that has gone to the payment processor sector. Other universal companies like. Companies in the financial services sector offer a variety of services, with some focused on block chain infrastructure and others on technical analysis of bitcoins price. The companys recent 30m Series A funding round was the single largest investment into the bitcoin space, and included support from notable investors like Index Ventures and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. While the six sectors we classified arent always mutually exclusive nor do they encompass every area in the industry theyre representative of the different types of services in which businesses are specializing. The result was 46 different companies that, as of 1st September, have raised a total of 264m since our first recorded investment in mid-2012. Mining Total VC investments: 34m Number of companies: 5 Arguably the bread and butter of the industry, its a bit ironic that the mining sector hasnt received more support from venture capitalists. Exchanges Total VC investments:.1m Number of companies: 14 Exchanges are the most populated relianz forex nz sector in bitcoin, with 14 companies that have all raised 250,000 or more from investors.