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into the flames, that bigotry. Early in January of this year, the king being persuaded that it was necessary everywhere to use additional means to check the alarming spread of Lutheran opinions, had written to the pope for authority to increase, if that were possible. The emperor, like many potentates before and since, was fond of great political spectacles. The Emperor, he said, begged the forgiveness of his subjects if he had ever unwittingly omitted the performance of any of his duties towards them. Time was to show the justice of his claims to such honorable epithets.

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Charles placed his hands solemnly upon his sons head; made the sign of the cross, and blessed him forex cage in the name of the Holy Trinity. Upon the breaking out of hostilities in Italy, the instincts of his old profession had suggested to him that a good speculation might be made in Flanders, by turning to account as a spy the observations which. Thus the dispute ended. Both had been equally faithless in their professions of amity. The Marshal Strozzi had previously made an expedition, in disguise, to examine the place. Terrible and sudden in his wrath, he was yet of inordinate vanity, and was easily led by those who understood his weakness. For virtues such as these, his grave crimes against God and man, against religion and chartered and solemnly-sworn rights have been palliated, as if oppression became more tolerable because the oppressor was an accomplished linguist and a good marksman. Pray only for my health and my life, he was accustomed to say to the young officers who came to him from every part of his dominions to serve under his banners, for so long. Unfortunately it is the one which was painted from life.