bitcoin scripte

Eb31ca1a4cbd97c is an example: it has a single output of zero value, thus giving the full.125BTC fee to the miner who mined the transaction without adding an entry to the utxo set. OP_numequalverify 157 0x9d a b Nothing / fail Same as OP_numequal, but runs OP_verify afterward. Word Opcode Hex Description OP_pubkeyhash 253 0xfd Represents a public key hashed with OP_hash160. Removes it from the alt stack. Bitcoin Scrypt has a current supply of 17,615,950 btcs. OP_MAX 164 0xa4 a b out Returns the larger of a and. Script examples The following is a list of interesting scripts. With Simple String you can easily manage all strings, located on all of your websites, from one place. Word, opcode, hex, input.

Bitcoin scripte
bitcoin scripte

Bitcoin has definitely started to become more mainstream, and with it is global reach and minimal fees, it is a payment method worth considering. OP_booland 154 0x9a a b out If both a and b are not " (null string the output. Flow control Word Opcode Hex Input Output Description OP_NOP 97 0x61 Nothing Nothing Does nothing. A transaction is valid if nothing in the combined script triggers failure and the top stack item is True (non-zero) when the script exits. OP_hash256 170 0xaa in hash The input is hashed two times with SHA-256. Word Opcode Hex Input Output Description OP_invert 131 0x83 in out Flips all of the bits in the input. OP_verify 105 0x69 True / false Nothing / fail Marks transaction as invalid if top stack value is not true. The precise semantics are described in BIP 0065. sig pubKey pubKey OP_hash160 pubKeyHash OP_equalverify OP_checksig Top stack item is duplicated. Is fully responsive and super easy to work with so you should have no trouble getting your own site online in a very short time! You can config Advertisements, Currencies (USD/EUR/RUR Fetch rate and Bitcoin donations in back-end functions. OP_codeseparator 171 0xab Nothing Nothing All of the signature checking words will only match signatures to the data after the most recently-executed OP_codeseparator.

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