forex chf gbp

economies. With its global trading links and massive size, the economy is indeed a fitting reflection of the strength of the. Given how none of the two currencies are really commodity-linked, the pair is not a commodity pair either. The pattern measures for a move to roughly.37, which was the most recent high on the weekly chart. The, cHF, powered by a financial services-focused economy, the. The British Pound and the Swiss Franc are both major currencies, but due to relatively low trading volumes, the pair itself is not a major. GBP cHF, analysis, unlike the, cHF, which is very stable indeed, the.

The Swiss Franc is also backed by the large gold reserves of the country. In addition to the sturdy banking and financial sectors, the Swiss economy also relies on tourism and agriculture/food production. GBP cHF pair we have a huge W pattern.

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forex chf gbp

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Despite its stability, the. Both currencies are closely linked to the Eurozone (trading-wise) and they are backed by structurally rather similar economies. See all currency charts for major currencies. Though the UK is still a member of the EU, it has always resisted adopting the EUR. GBP cHF pair, eric david forex we finished February with a very strong tone, breaking above the.3250 level. It is generally more capricious value-wise than the. The British economy is the engine behind its strength.

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forex chf gbp

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