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for BSV. @CalvinAyre the SV miners will eventually give up, the firm wrote on Twitter, doubling down on BitMEX Researchs Jonathan Biers pre-fork prediction that miners would ultimately abandon the BSV fork. Thus, all BCH miners are currently mining at a loss, with the expectation that their support for one chain or the other will consolidate support behind that network and allow its coins to return to the pre-fork value of bitcoin cash. M - All Rights Reserved. Amid this saga, the hard fork may also drive a number of investors away from Bitcoin Cash altogether, into the arms of its parent asset, Bitcoin, Greenspan said in remarks shared with CCN. Ayre also accused m of cheating by using transient hash to manipulate the market and Roger Ver of launching a DDoS attack against the CoinGeek website. Craig Wright, for example, has taken to referring to the battle as a marathon in which ABC sprinters will quickly find themselves winded. 15: The Hash War Begins.

Bchabc Builds the Longer Chain, bchabc is 30 blocks ahead of BSV Source: Coin Dance. Source: CoinGeek/YouTube Taking the above factors into consideration, proponents of Bitcoin ABC have largely declared victory, increasingly believing that an SV-led attack on bchabc is unlikely to succeed. On BSV, this is CoinGeek, who currently has 50 percent of the networks mining power, while m accounts for a full 63 percent on bchabc (though the m pool website indicates that its hash rate, which ballooned to 4EH/s. Many cryptocurrency investors have wondered how the Bitcoin Cash hard fork will affect other projects, particularly its older sibling, Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin ABC, which had support from most node operators, as well as prominent individuals and companies such.

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What BCH Partisans are Saying Craig Wright warned bchabc supporters that the hash war is a marathon, not a sprint. Its not winning, mining anywhere that we can see. We can only hope for a swift resolution to the drama. Bitcoin SV, however, has refused to concede that it has lost the hash war. Aside from a temporary reversal a day before the fork, bchabc consistently traded at a significant premium to BSV in the days preceding the fork and the hours since. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. The good news is that, practically speaking, the fork has no effect on BTC, other than perhaps making it even less likely that Bitcoin Cash already the minority fork and now itself splintering into competing versions will overtake BTC and claim the Bitcoin mantle. When the outcome is to pick your own algo, and not provide any research on why, then we should be asking hard questions. Backers allege that ABC has used rented hash power to give its blockchain an early lead and that this will not be sustainable over the long-term. A distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. What that tells me is, you know, they have not thrown like 2 exahash at this, right? For more on the events that led up to the fork, consult this article from CCN.

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