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been a slight shift over the past year, but this wont have altered the results much. Changing Places: the White British response to ethnic change. The former abhor both ethnic and moral diversity. But then, this is pretty much the same as asking about Brexit, minus a bit of risk appetite. Figure 1 ranks Local Authorities and England and Wales by the average social grade of their White British residents. Open and Closed personalities are harder stochastic forex scalping to conjure up: yet these invisible differences are the ones that count most around two or three times as much as the group differences. The sex ratio, for instance, is more or less the same from one place to another, so even if gender really mattered for the vote, maps hide this truth. Karen Stenner, author of the Authoritarian Dynamic, argues that people are divided between those who dislike difference signifying a disordered identity and environment and those who embrace.

Indicateur de change ac
indicateur de change ac

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It's NOT the economy, stupid: Brexit as a story

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These dont pit one group against another, they slice through groups, communities and even families. He may be found on twitter @epkaufm. Imagine you have a thousand British voters and must determine which way they voted. All told, the Brexit story is mainly about values, not economic inequality. Figure 3 shows that 71 percent of those most in favour of the death penalty indicated in 2015 that they would vote to leave the. Education, class, income, gender and age play a role, but explain less than 10 percent of the variation in support for the death penalty.

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